PROJECT Candelaria Mining

Separation Process of Steel and Magnetite

Our company through the technological and commercial association with the Chinese Companies LONGI MAGNET CO., LTD and BGRIMM MACHINERY & AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, together with the North American FAITHGROUP COMPANY INC in USA, is qualified to give an integral solution to the problematic associated with the separation of contaminated minerals with scrap of steel balls in the mining industry.
The objective of our project was to create a unique technology in the world that would allow us to clean several million tons of magnetite ore contaminated with steel ball scrap, which were collected in internal dumps from the origin of its operation.
With this technology we will allow our client to benefit from the copper and iron minerals contained in the magnetite minerals processed by our separation plant, in addition to eliminating this problem from its origin inside the CCMC plant.

The benefit of processing these ore scrap contaminated with steel ball scrap allows the national and global mining industry to obtain comparatively lower production costs than if they were to be mined directly from the mines.